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Whale watching in Colombia

Whale watching in Bahía Solano has become one of the main tourist attractions of the municipality of Chocó, where every year hundreds of humpback whales make an appointment with destiny.

These huge mammals, which are up to 18 meters long and can reach a weight of 40 tons. They travel more than 8000 kilometers from south of the continent to reach the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific.


Not only is their appearance is amazing, but also their behavior. Jumps, vocalizations, flutters and twirls are part of a true spectacle that can be appreciated even a few meters from the beach. During the months July through October, these giants of the ocean come to Colombia to perform their mating rituals and give birth to their "small" offspring of 10 tons, also known as ballenatos (whale calves).
Whale watching outings are held early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid harsh sunlight; Always sailing near the coast in small motor boats of maximum 10 people, so that all of our visitors can watch comfortably and in front row the whale spectacle.

When the boats manage to identify the presence of a yurbata (humpback whale), silence and waiting become accomplices of the tourist that wait for that magical moment in which the humpbacks offer their show, for many it is an unforgettable experience on the calm waters of the pacific.

In addition to these huge mammals, in some of the trips such as the one that is made to the Utría National Park, travelers can observe dolphins, needlefish, rays and a large number of birds.


Whale watching recommendations. **

Regardless of the weather, here are some recommendations for whale watching:


• A hat for protection from the sun rays.

• Always wear a life jacket.

• Carry binoculars.

• Wear UV protection sunglasses.

• Use sunscreen.

• Take hydrating drinks.

• A good camera, preferably with zoom lens.

• Anti-slip shoes for the boat.

• Plastic cape in case of rain.

** Taken from the Whale Watching Guide of the Fondo de Promoción Turística.


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