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Sport fishing in Colombia | Hotel en Bahía Solano Chocó

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Sport fishing in Colombia.

The magnificent Solano Bay, located in the north of Colombia, along Panama border, with diverse currents sea flowing throughout the year, bringing to the coast an immense variety of large predatory fishes that inhabit the waters of the Pacific. This factor, together with the isolation and natural characteristics of the region, make the Playa de Oro Lodge one of the best destinations in the world for sport fishing today.

From Playa de Oro Lodge, with 10 minutes to an hour of navigation, the fisherman will already be in some of the best fishing spots of the region, according to the modality that he practices:



  • Spinning or casting, On boat or on the coast, using poppers, lures and jig, to capture Amberjack, Tuna, Cubera, Sea bass, Tarpon, Roosterfish, among many other species.
  • Jigging, with metallic jigs, for large Amberjack, Cubera, Tunas and Sea bass, besides other species.
  • Trawling, for Blue Marlins and Black Marlins, Great Tuna, Sailfish, Dolphin and Wahoos, among other fish.
  • Fish with live bait, to fish all surface or bottom species, such as Tunas, Roosterfish, Sea Bass, Tarpon, Cubera and Sailfish, among others.
  • Flyfishing, fishing from boat or coast, such as Sea Bass, Tarpon, Roosterfish, Cubera, among others, to great tunas and swordfishes, like Marlins and Pez vela.

Fish species in Colombia

Especie Ene Feb Mar Abr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dic
Atún / Tuna                        
Bravo / Amberjack                        
Dorado / Dolphin                        
Marlin / Marlin                        
Pargo / Cubera Snapper                        
Pez Gallo / Rooster fish                        
Pez Vela / Sailfish                        
sabalo / tarpon                        
Sierra Wahoo / Wahoo                        
    Excelent     Good     Fair        
*This table is an estimate of the influx of species since their migration can be affected by natural factors.
For Fishing, Playa de Oro Lodge has different boat options, with different dimensions and totally safe, all equipped with VHF Radio, Sonar, GPS, Outriggers, medicine cabinets and coolers for snacks and drinks. The fishermen are guided by experienced captains and skilled assistants, specialists in all types of fishing.
On land the lodge offers all the necessary structure so that the fisherman, alone or with his family, can enjoy his free time or rest in spacious and comfortable rooms, with air conditioning and individual bathrooms; Try variety of dishes of the traditional Colombian gastronomy; Taste drinks by the beach; And also have fun with the various other activities offered by Playa de Oro Lodge.
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