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Scuba diving in Colombia | Hotel en Bahía Solano Chocó

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Scuba diving in Colombia

Colombia is the only country in South America with access to two seas with a total of 2,900 kilometers of coastline, which consists of cliffs, coral reefs, diverse marine fauna, virgin beaches and tropical rainforest. The Colombian Pacific Ocean, located between the border of Panama to the north and Ecuador to the south, has about 70% of the marine species that inhabit the waters of Colombia, thus conforming the most biodiverse area of ​​the American Pacific Ocean.

Bahia Solano is a premier site for recreational scuba diving thanks to the proximity of marine currents that provide fish throughout the year. Between July and November it is ideal for the sighting of humpback whales coming from the Patagonia in south of the continent.


The Playa de Oro Lodge has a dive center from which you can explore the shipwreck of Sebastian de Belalcazar, a ship sunk for recreational purposes and inhabited by Grouper, Red snapper and fish shoals of various species and sizes. In addition, it has many other sites nearby, full of underwater life, with different depths ranging from 35 to 130 feet.
 We offer scuba diving excursions for certified divers, mini courses and snorkeling, with all the necessary gear so you can enjoy the best diving excursion: comfortable rooms, restaurant with the best local food and different activities to take advantage of the time on the surface.


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