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Nature tourism | Hotel en Bahía Solano Chocó

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Nature tourism

Arriving to Bahía Solano is in itself entering one of the most biodiverse areas of Colombia and the world, where it is possible to enjoy the vastness of the Chocoan jungle while, at the same time, perceiving the breeze and the aroma of the ocean.

In these attractive lands, the visitors can discover beautiful and crystalline springs coming from the deepest part of the mountains that after traveling various kilometers merge to the Pacific Ocean creating wonderful sceneries like Los Deseos Beach, Tigre falls and the Juná streams. These sceneries not only contribute in the flora conservation, but are also a habitat to a great number of species of fauna. The ones that stand out the most are the Dendrobates Auratus frog and birds such as Cyanerpes Cyaneus (Mielero Patirrojo) and the Psarocolius Cassini (Oropéndula of the Baudó).


Both hiking and bird watching are two activities favored by tourists, since around 800 out of the 1900 species registered in Colombian territory can be found in the area.

Another important attraction is the butterflies. The Morpho butterfly, whose wingspan varies between 7.5 cm and 20 cm, is one of the most striking species because of its electric blue tones that serve to attract insects from which it feeds.

Touring the unique spots offered by Bahía Solano allows you to enjoy nature in one of its purest states, while disconnecting from the reality and the congestion and noise of the cities, and at the same time breathing pure air.



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