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Playa de Oro Lodge - Hotel at Bahia Solano | Hotel en Bahía Solano Chocó

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Hotel at Bahia Solano

One of the most striking features of Playa de Oro Lodge is its natural sea front setting. The first things that can be appreciated when arriving are the spacious and flowered gardens surrounded by palm trees and fruit trees, as well as a wooden deck where many tourists spend the afternoon watching the sun set and even watching whales breaching in the distance.

The children come directly to the playground where there is a seesaw, a slide and monkey bars, but they promptly leave to run behind the large amount of crabs that remain on the golden beach.

The rooms, located in several two story structures made of wood, are spacious, comfortable and bright and have names of native trees and fish common in the region. They are decorated with pictures of colorful flowers and handmade vases with helicon flowers. The rooms have a fan or air conditioning and a terrace with a hammock.



The restaurant is one of the places most enjoyed by travelers thanks to the variety and quality of fish dishes offered, as well as its beautiful view of the bay. If you do not like fish or are vegetarian, you can also find different options. If you ask for needlefish, do not worry about seeing green fish bones, since that is its natural color.

To get to Playa de Oro Lodge you must go first to the Bahia Solano port. If you arrived by air, the journey from the airport is about a 15 minute car ride through the town. Getting from the port to the hotel requires about 20 minutes by boat, along a bay of calm waters.

A hotel from the chain De Costa a Costa


How to get to Bahia Solano.

The most convenient way to get to Bahía Solano is by airplane from the Enrique Olaya Herrera airport in Medellin to the José Celestino Mutis airport in Bahía Solano. The plane ride takes about 45 minutes to an hour and is regularly offered by Satena airline and ADA airline. During high season it is possible to find charter flights offered by hotels.
It is also possible to travel from Bogota with the Satena airline. The flight lasts 45 minutes to Medellin where it makes a stop and continues until Bahía Solano.
You can also arrived to Bahia Solano by sea through Buenaventura.


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