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Playa de Oro Lodge | Hotel en Bahía Solano Chocó

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Bahía Solano Colombia

Bahía Solano is a municipality of the Colombian Pacific coast, a mystical place that can be reached by air or sea and where tourists can appreciate an immense and dense jungle that creates beautiful sceneries of the sea, and fresh water cascades that join the ocean.

The town is relatively small, but its territory is very extensive since it is mainly rural. The Solanians are friendly, quiet and helpful people. Their livelihood is based in agriculture, fishing, and lately tourism. The main means of transportation in Bahia Solano are mototaxis carpados (auto rickshaws), which are used to transverse the unpaved roads, and the boats, which are used to reach the different beaches in the area.

In recent years, Bahia Solano has become one of the best places to see humpback whales (Yubartas), which visit the Colombian coast between July and October. In addition to whale watching, it is also possible to observe birds, both endemic and migratory, thanks to the nearly 800 species that are present in the area.



The Utría cove is also one of the magical settings worth knowing. This place, besides being a meeting point for whales, is home to a National Natural Park, where you can observe birds and crabs of diverse variety of colors in the middle of the mangroves. On the way to the cove, you can also enjoy the views of El Valle, a small rural territory of Bahia Solano, not only recognized for its wide dark beaches, but also because its streets turn yellow during the rice harvest, the main agricultural product of the area.

Some places of interest for tourists to visit in Bahía Solano are the Chocolatal waterfall, the Nabugá waterfall and the Botanical Garden of the Pacific, a reserve of 170 hectares in the middle of the Baudó mountain range, which works for the conservation and Recovery of endemic species of fauna and flora.

Another place to visit is Huina beach, well known for its sand turned golden by the sun, which differentiates it from those of volcanic black sand, which are predominant in the region. Here, in addition to a 1,500 meter beach, you can enjoy the comfort and tranquility offered by Playa de Oro Lodge.


How to get to Bahia Solano.

The most convenient way to get to Bahía Solano is by airplane from the Enrique Olaya Herrera airport in Medellin to the José Celestino Mutis airport in Bahía Solano. The plane ride takes about 45 minutes to an hour and is regularly offered by Satena airline and ADA airline. During high season it is possible to find charter flights offered by hotels.
It is also possible to travel from Bogota with the Satena airline. The flight lasts 45 minutes to Medellin where it makes a stop and continues until Bahía Solano.
You can also arrived to Bahia Solano by sea through Buenaventura.



• Bring bug repellent and sun block.

• Carry local currency (Colombian peso) or dollars.

• Bring comfortable shoes and clothes for the jungle and the beach.

• Bring flashlight, camera and snorkeling gear.

• Return wrappers and packaging of products that were taken on the trips to the hotel.

• Avoid taking foods that are not canned as other types of food can be seized by the ICA.

• Avoid taking out plant or animal species from the region. (Corals, shells, etc.)

• Include pants, a backpack and a long sleeve shirt.



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